EasyAds is a high end classified ads application that is on constant developing and improving to capture the whole market so by targeting the worldwide our clients are from all over the world so the setup of their servers/machines is different from one to another.

Each client can have a server setup with Apache only, Nginx only, Apache and Nginx or any other kind of setup that the client requires.

And for that exact reason it’s very hard to make a rewrite by default to remove the script name (index.php) from the URL on the fly by default, but the good news is that EasyAds is capable of doing that after the installation process.

To remove index.php from your URLs you need to follow the next steps :

  • Go to admin : yourdomain.com/index.php/admin
  • Go to settings -> URLs
  • Select from the drop down of  “Pretty URL” : Yes, enable pretty urls
  • Then click on the button of Generate htaccess and from the modal that appears click write htaccess
  • After the modal is closed, save the settings