For the email system to work you will need the following :

  1. Valid SMTP credentials with no limit or blocking of any kind ( depends from provider to another, please contact your provider for more information )
  2. Cronjobs must be set correctly like described when you installed EasyAds, please refer to Installation steps to see how you can set up cron jobs.

Important note: Some hosting companies block the SMTP ports, if adding the email account result in error please contact them first to make sure the ports are not blocked!

Some Examples:

Godaddy & cPanel:

  • Login to your account and go to your cPanel
  • Search for Email and after you click on it you will have a box “Create Account”
  • Fill in your info that you want to have : email, password .. etc
  • Go to EasyAds admin -> Email System -> Email account and fill your information

External SMTP provider:

We have tested email system with the following providers:

  1. Zoho Mail Hosting
  2. SendGrid
  3. SparkPost

The steps are similar, all you need is to create an email account and get the correct SMTP settings to fill in EasyAds Email System.

Note: For any information about the three providers above, please contact them directly and they will guide you into creating email account correctly.