Before starting the update process, make sure you backup your files & database and put the application in offline mode from admin settings, this is very important!

  1. Download the EasyAds archive from CodeCanyon to your computer
  2. Unzip the archive, a folder called easyads-x.y.z (e.g. easyads-1.0.2) will result after the unzip process which contains two folders, latest and update.
  3. Using your favourite (s)FTP client, connect to your web host.
  4. Upload the contents of the update folder from the easyads-x.y.z folder over your existing easyads files from your server so that you overwrite them.
  5. Point your browser to
  6. Follow the upgrade instructions on screen.

Important Notes

After upgrade, if your app style doesn’t load anymore (the app looks broken) then login into your server (e.g. FTP, SFTP … etc) and inside the EasyAds app, go into the assets folder and from there delete all the contents of the cache folder.

Some FTP clients, such as Transmit for macOS(x) will replace your server files with the ones from your local folder. This is not the correct behavior, because the client will delete the files from the server then upload the ones from your local folder.

The correct behavior is to override existing files with the new ones, so please pay attention to the way the files are actually uploaded.

After upgrade, verify your extensions status (enabled/disabled) from:
admin -> extension manager, and enabled or disabled however you want.