EasyAds supports translation to absolutely any language including RTL format like Arabic.
To start translating your website using EasyAds, follow this steps:

1. Add a new language from admin panel: Admin -> Localization -> Languages -> create new language

Note: You will need to pay attention to language code and region code, see the codes that fits your country here: http://www.i18nguy.com/unicode/language-identifiers.html

2. Translation files will be automatically created on your server in this path: APPLICATION_ROOT/engine/messages/LANGUAGE

3. Start translating by editing the file app.php from that path APPLICATION_ROOT/engine/messages/LANGUAGE

4. When you finish and the file is saved, go to admin settings and change the site language to the language you created.

You will see the results directly, for the example of the file above you will see this change: